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When In Doubt Consult the Experts

Running a business is a difficult task. Whereas many employees perform a single or small range of tasks within a firm, most small to medium-sized business owners and directors are required to perform a much wider array of tasks, at the same time as delivering ideas and processes which drive the business forward and provide growth.

That is no easy task.

But actually, it doesn’t have to be like that. Quite. We all like to think we’re expert at something, but it is actually impossible to be an expert at everything.

Just in the same way as you might take your car to the garage should it develop a fault, or call in a plumber to fix a leak - business owners would sometimes do very well to bring in the skills and expertise of someone who ‘knows’ - despite the perceived cost being off-putting

I have heard plenty of examples over the years of business owners performing every task they can - even when it might be wiser if they didn’t.

  • You’re probably not an expert accountant - so hire one and avoid the pain and the waste of your precious time doing something you’re not programmed to do
  • You’re possibly not an amazing copy writer - so don’t take it upon yourself to be one - hire an expert and reap the benefits of their experience
  • You’re almost definitely not a wonderful website designer - so don’t stress yourself out and spend time attempting do something you’re not cut out to
  • And quite possibly, you’re not that brilliant at managing the minutiae of business administration - let’s face it, some of that stuff is so boring!

And you know what? That’s all OK!

For me, being a Virtual Assistant is all about helping other business owners reach the efficiency they desire for their business.

What is it that’s taking up your time which could be better spent elsewhere in your firm? As outlined on my Services page, there’s a wide variety of services a Virtual Assistant can provide which can give you that time back.

  • Do you find keeping on top of emails and other communication unnecessarily time consuming?
  • Would you appreciate some help navigating the web to find… answers? Good deals? Keeping an eye on the competition?
  • Invoicing, chasing payments, keeping an eye on the accounts - this can all be terribly time consuming
  • And what about letter writing, transcription, diary and itinerary management and so on - there’s so much to do when it comes to running a business!

When I returned to being a Virtual Assistant in 2013 I knew I’d need to harness the power of the web to maximise my reach and bring in new business. And I also knew I wouldn’t be able to do it alone - despite what the adverts from the big website providers would tell us!

I took the pressure of myself to conceive, build, maintain and optimise a website and brought in an expert - someone who’d been recommended to me who I could trust to do a good job. The fact that you’re reading this now is proof that it was worth it!

If you’d like to discuss exactly how I could help bring efficiency and simplicity to your business practices, why not give me a call on 01947 811272.

Even just discussing some ideas with someone impartial can bring the benefit of a ‘birds eye view’ of your processes - highlighting possible problems and shedding light on where efficiencies can be made.

I look forward to speaking with you!