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Trust Me, I am a Virtual Assistant!

'People buy from people they trust'. I can't remember where I first heard that - but it's definitely true!

Being in business is all about trust. If you’re a business owner, you trust your colleagues and employees to do their jobs, and you customers trust that you’ll deliver what you say you will, whether that’s a product or a service.

Just like conventional Personal Assistants, Virtual Assistants are often put in the position of being privy to a variety of sensitive business information. It could be financial, or personal, or something else. But whatever it is, VAs must prove themselves trustworthy.

This is a difficult thing to do quickly - relationships are built up over time, with trust growing each time it is tested, a little at first and then more.

Building Trust Through Business Relationships

My experience ranges through the print trade, a food importer in Gibraltar, a Consul in Gibraltar, a telesystems company, a large Plc, a GP Out of Hours Co-operative, the HM Bark Endeavour Foundation (Australian sailing ship), a GP Practice, and as PA to a high profile private individual.

As a VA I have worked extensively for NHS project managers, as Shore Manager for a Youth work organisation using the challenge of the sea to help young people develop life skills, my local Parish Council, and more recently I have provided bookkeeping and general admin services to several local businesses.

I am most fortunate to have been trusted by this wide range of businesses over the years to provide a professional and confidential service, regardless of the duties involved.

Word of mouth advertising is always the best - the personal recommendation of a friend or associate carries more weight than an advert. However, in the world of the Virtual Assistant, with new clients potentially being based anywhere in the world, word of mouth recommendations can be difficult to come by!

However, some of my clients have been kind enough to write me a recommendation - the next best thing to a spoken referral!

Wendy Sunney, a Principal Consultant at Smart Management Support was kind enough to say ‘She really added value to my service and allowed me to concentrate on what I do best. I could always get hold of her when I needed to, she really understood our environment, and also brought a number of helpful IT solutions which I was floundering on.’

Joanna Ellis says ‘I have worked with Barbara over the past 6 years. She is super organised and provides top notch PA and administration support. I have no hesitation in recommending Wizard Admin to support your business.'

Lee and Carla said ‘Wizard Admin offered us the vital support we needed. With all of our time taken up creating tasty food and smooth coffee for our customers, we had very little time for paperwork. Barbara provided us with a solid foundation for the day to day record keeping, help with business set-up and weekly payroll support. Highly recommended!’

Building Trust By Sticking to the Rules!

As well as the business recommendations and referrals I’ve received over the years, I take data protection and client privacy very seriously.

Assignments and client contact details are treated in the strictest confidence and personal information is only retained for as long as necessary. Wizard Admin complies with the Data Security Act 1998

Building Trust By Being Transparent

I think one of the main contributors to any relationship of trust is transparency - both parties being open and honest and ensuring that lines of communication are clear at all times. This is how I like to work as a virtual assistant, and I’m certain it’s been one of the main factors in ensuring good and long-lasting relationships with many clients throughout the years.

Building Trust Through Timely and Efficient Communication

One of the things I find prevents and reduces trust over time is bad communication. Working closely with my clients, I like them to know that I can be contacted easily. And when they do make contact, that I am either available to them immediately or respond quickly and efficiently at the earliest opportunity.

If you’re considering hiring a virtual assistant and want to know more about what it involves and exactly how a virtual assistant’s services could help you and your business, why not open the lines of communication now and give me a call on 01947 811272 or email me at barbara@wizardadmin.co.uk.