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Based in Yorkshire but Available Everywhere - That's the Point of a Virtual Assistant!

Where do you work? The internet has enabled many of us to work remotely - particularly if you’re not customer facing. Many office based jobs can be done just about anywhere now, and many companies are taking this on board and implementing technologies and business practices which facilitate this new way of working.

Moving around as my ex-serviceman husband received different postings has meant I’ve worked in quite a number of different locations and environments over the years. But now, as a Virtual Assistant, I predominantly work remotely, providing services to clients via the web, but of course am available to work ‘in-house’ should it be appropriate.

Just recently I’ve been working with some new clients in their home near Kirkbymoorside in North Yorkshire. However, this arrangement is only temporary and when the initial setup is done, I shall continue to work closely with them, but remotely.

I’m based just outside of Whitby, on the beautiful North Yorkshire coast. It’s somewhere I’m really pleased to be able to call home. With the wonderful beaches and coastal scenery on one side and the dramatic North York Moors on the other it really is a great place to work - despite being actually quite remote.

That’s why, for me, being able to work around the world, but from my home office, is so good!

If you’re used to having ‘all your eggs in one basket’ so to speak, changing to remote working, or enabling your staff to work remotely, can seem a little alien. How do you know your staff are doing their jobs? What checks and processes could you put in place to ensure everything continues to run smoothly?

This is an area where the services of a Virtual Assistant can be really very helpful - we’re already doing it! With internet communication becoming so much easier, services like Skype, Google Hangouts, the various instant messaging applications, email, and telephone services which run over the internet (VOIP) can make setting up remote working for yourself or your clients actually pretty straight forward.

Obviously, depending on your business, remote employees may or may not be appropriate - a shop keeper cannot work from home, for instance! But are their positions in your company which could be served from home? It’s something that’s becoming far more prevalent, and recent research shows that employees are more than interested - 81% of 35-44 year olds would rather work from home. Of course, that’s not to say it’s appropriate for 81% of employees - sometimes it’s just inappropriate.

Whether or not it’s achievable within your firm, hiring the services of a Virtual Assistant could be your first taste of ‘remote working’ - and I’m sure you’ll soon become more than comfortable with it!

Just like a standard employer, you still set the agenda, and of course ensure that (reasonable!) deadlines are met - but, provided you can trust your VA, the work gets done ‘behind the scenes’ - efficiently and promptly with the minimum of distraction.

And think of the savings: no office equipment to pay for, no catering (if that’s something you do), and when it snows, there’s no excuse for your employees not to ‘get to work’!

Why not give me a call on 01947 811272 to find out a bit more about how working with a remote Virtual Assistant can help your business. Equally, if you’re based in Yorkshire and would like some administrative assistance ‘in-house’ feel free to get in touch.